Vermont Artist

About the Artist

Vermont based oil painter Rory Jackson, has been creating bold and visionary paintings since 2000.  He spends his time between his home in Lincoln, Vermont and the beaches of Ghana, where he founded the non-profit school Trinity Yard. While painting the landscapes of Vermont, he focuses on dramatic lighting and capturing the elemental vibrancy of nature. In Ghana, Rory paints seascapes, village scenes, and boats, focusing on the reflection and movement of light and the local culture.

“As a painter, my aim is to bring to life a presence to the viewer, a relationship between the earth and the people who hold covenant with it. Whether it is through light, reflection, movement or design, I want to bring everlasting life to a moment in time”

oil painter Rory Jackson

Rory Jackson with his sons Judha and Jahlani

Promoting the Arts

Rory has a dedication to spreading his knowledge, and to inspiring the younger generation to pursue the arts. He does this through; visiting schools to give classes, spearheading community murals, hosting open-studio life drawing events, participating in Art Walks and promoting traditional arts at the Non-profit School Trinity Yard he founded in Ghana.

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